ITURO General
  • Where and where will be ITURO 2019?

ITURO 2019 will be in ITU Ayazağa Campus, Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center on 11-12-13 April 2019.

  • Are there any prerequisites for participating in ITURO?

No, anyone who wants to participate can participate in ITURO? 

  • How do I register?

First of all you have you to sign up to our web site and take an account. Choose project add button and find the category that you want to participate in. Then fill in the form. After that your internet registration is done. On the first day of ITURO you have to confirm your registration on robot registration desk. 

Competitions and Robots
  • During the competition we interfered with an unexpected situation. What will we do?

In such situations, the only authority is the referee and he can decide what to do. 

  • Can I test my robot on the track before the competiton?

No, you can’t test your robot on the track. However there will be small copies of the tracks in the technical room.

  • How do I protest against the competitions?

You have to use the protest petition.

  • Is there a safe room that I can leave my robot on the organization day?

No all the responsibility belongs to the participants. 

  • I need to fix my robot on the organization day. Will any equipment be provided?

Yes, there is a technical room which has solder, soldering iron and many different equipment. 

Transportation, Accommodation and Nutrition
  • I will participate from outside of İstanbul. Do you arrange some place for accommodation?

We help participants from outside of İstanbul about accommodation only by guiding them. Detailed information is in Transportation and Accomodation page.

  • How can I go to ITU Ayazağa Campus?

Detailed information is in Transportation and Accomodation page.

  • What are the choices for lunch during the organization?

The lunch of the participants is not given by us. In campus there are ITU Ari Mola Social Facility, Selfiş Café and Fan Fan Café, Simmit and Aslı Patties which the participants can have lunch.