• Where and when is ITURO 2020?

    ITURO 2019 will be in ITU Ayazağa Campus, Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center on 11-12-13 April 2019.

  • Are there any prerequisites for participating in ITURO?

    No, anyone can participate in the organisation as a competitor.

  • I want to participate in ITURO as a competitor so what should I do?

    Registirations for ITURO 2020 will start in March. You can register on our website at the registiration dates.

  • What should I take into account while getting prepared for the competition?

    For each category, both the category rules and the general rules apply so you should read both of them carefully. Also, even though we try to avoid making mistakes when writing the rules, we may have to do update them during the period before the organisation to avoid some issues, so make sure that you check the rules again a couple of days before the competition.

  • During the competition we interfered with an unexpected situation. What will we do?

    In such a situation, the authority is the referee and they will decide what to do.

  • Can I test my robot on the track before the competiton?

    No, you can’t test your robot on the track. However there will be small copies of the tracks in the technical room.

  • How do I protest against the competitions?

    You have to use the protest petition.

  • Is there a safe room that I can leave my robot on the organization day?

    No all the responsibility belongs to the participants. 

  • I need to fix my robot on the organization day. Will any equipment be provided?

    Yes, there is a technical room which has solder, soldering iron and many different equipment. 

  • Do you provide accommodation, food or transportation?

    No, unfortunately, we cannot provide these due to our budget being limited.